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    Whether you require an appointment to maintain your good oral health or catch up after some time away;
    we provide full-service dental hygiene care to meet all your oral health needs.
    Everything from dental hygiene assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, oral cancer screening, recording dental history, charting, treatment planning and case presentation.
    We clean & remove deposit & debris from your teeth, both above and below the gum-line. This is a therapeutic procedure that can reduce inflammation in the gums.
    Also known as "polishing,” this process makes use of pressurized baking soda and water, or a hand piece with a mildly abrasive paste, removing superficial stains from your teeth
    Application of a fluoride varnish to aid in desensitizing, cavity prevention or remineralization of tooth structure. Fluoride supports healthy tooth enamel & fights bacteria.
    This procedure may involve the use of desensitizing agents to reduce tooth hypersensitivity towards your favourite food and drinks, while addressing the root cause of your sensitivity.
    A therapeutic temporary filling placed when immediate access to a dentist is not available or possible. Contains fluoride to help minimize growth of bacteria, and reduce sensitivity.
    A thin layer of white filling material is placed in the small crevasses of newly erupted teeth to protect them from bacteria and to aid in the prevention of cavities and decay.
    Our custom molded guards fit over the upper teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injuries such as tooth loss, concussions, fractures, and lacerations to the mouth and gums.
    A process of bleaching the teeth with a professional grade peroxide gel. Offered either as a 1hr in-office treatment or as a take home application, providing a bright smile!

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