Restorations (Fillings)

What causes cavities?

Caries (cavities) can occur for many different reasons and the risk factors that can contribute include; a high sugar diet, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, insufficient fluoride, drug/alcohol abuse, and gum disease. Often, patients are unaware they have a cavity until it has become larger, and that is why regular dental care is so important. In some cases, cavities may be visible, however, this is only true some of the time. Other methods of detection such as x-rays are used for less visible areas in between the teeth and in the bone, to determine the extent of the cavity.

Cavity Treatment

Treatment for cavities include white fillings or possibly more extensive restorations like crown and/or bridges. The decay is removed, and a white filling is put in its place. While no treatment lasts forever, restorations extend the life of that tooth by removing and halting the decay process. In some cases, a cavity is too large for a filling or it cannot be successfully placed, an alternative treatment will be suggested, including root canal, crown or extraction.

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