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    We offer comprehensive, compassionate dental care to meet all your oral health needs.
    Repair a tooth that has a defect or a cavity with a tooth colour filling. These fillings are made to match your tooth's natural colour, providing you with a seamless result.
    Crown and Bridge
    Rebuild broken, decayed or missing teeth using dental restorations called crowns or bridges. They can also be used to correct misaligned teeth or for other aesthetic purposes.
    Gum Grafting
    Improve the appearance of a receded gum line. You may consider gum grafting if experiencing pain or sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks because of exposed tooth roots.
    Clear Braces
    Improve aesthetics with ultra-thin, custom made aligners that are designed to fit precisely over your existing teeth to move and properly align them for a beautiful smile.
    Restoration of Implants
    An implant retained crown is a crown that is held in place by a dental implant, rather than a natural tooth. The end result is a prosthetic tooth that looks exactly like the real thing.
    ICON White Spot Treatment
    Reduce or eliminate the appearance of white spot lesions from braces or early stages of decay. No drilling or freezing is required. These areas can become cavities if left untreated.
    Improve aesthetics with veneers that are ultra-thin, custom made porcelain covers designed to fit precisely over your existing teeth to improve appearance, providing a bright smile.
    Root canal
    Retain a tooth by performing a root canal; which cleans the inside of a tooth that has died. We return it back to the look and function of a normal healthy tooth, curing its sensitivity.
    Night Guards
    Protect your teeth and jaw joint from wear and damage associated with clenching or grinding your teeth, especially when sleeping. Our guards are fit specifically for your teeth.

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